About us

Because of his greatness, immensity and beauty, the first time mankind could write and say a name to the sea as we know, he called TÂMTU.

It was in the Akkadian language, also known as Akkadian, and it is the oldest language that has written records. It was spoken in ancient Mesopotamia, a territory that today includes much of Iraq and Kuwait, as well as parts of Syria, Turkey and Iran.

So, welcome to Tâmtu, your online store inspired by the mighty sea. In our name, we find the essence of the meaning of oceanic, transporting it to the world of accessories.

At Tâmtu, we believe that the sea is more than just water. It is a refuge, a source of energy and a connection with nature. Therefore, our store offers a wide selection of carefully selected accessories, designed to become essential pieces.

When you visit our online store, you will be surrounded by quality products that represent the beauty and elegance found in the depths of the ocean. From necklaces that mimic the gentleness of waves to armbands that reflect the sun's dancing rays on the water, each item is an expression of maritime allure.

But Tâmtu is not just a store. It is a community passionate about everything the sea has to offer. We are committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring our customers feel valued and heard.

So join us on this sea journey. Explore our virtual corridors in search of your treasure, get inspired by new adventures and share your experiences with us. At Tâmtu, we are here to help you get closer to the sea and be part of our family.

Tâmtu was created with people like you in mind. Come visit us and allow our sea of accessories to convey your passion for this unique world.

Embrace Tâmtu and let the sea guide your style.

We are Tâmtu, and we are here to take you to the bright blue waters.