Jewelry Care

At Tâmtu, we use the best possible materials to ensure quality & durability in order to give you the best prices.

And despite this concept, plated jewelry will not last forever because it's not made of pure gold or silver.

Our products also need care, and must be followed in order to protect the plating and to keep them pristine for years!

So, here are our advices for your jewelry care:

  1. Always take off your jewelry when showering and washing your hands, as soap and hot water can dull the shine of your jewelry.
  2. Remove jewelry before going to the sea, swimming pool or sauna. Contact with chlorine, salt and water vapor are also harmful to jewelry.
  3. Never use homemade and abrasive solutions to clean your jewelry, especially those containing precious stones.
  4. All jewelry must be stored separately, in a soft tissue or in its own packaging.
  5. Check your jewelry regularly to make sure the settings, clasps and claws are tight and strong. Over time, it is necessary to repair fasteners and screws so that they maintain adequate pressure.


14k / 18K GOLD
As with all gold levels, you can wash your gold jewelry with running water and neutral pH soap. This cleaning must be done with delicate movements and drying with a very soft cloth, without rubbing.
There may be damage to gold in contact with mercury.

It is not advisable to polish your jewelry frequently. This constant procedure causes material loss.