Sales, Vouchers & Gift cards

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Gift cards can only be bought in our online store at the moment. Find them at


Can I return items I've bought in sale?

Yes, your order can be returned within 30 days after it landed on your doorstep. Find out more on returning goods in our return policy.


How to receive and use a gift voucher?

You can use your voucher on our official website. 

If your voucher doesn’t work, note that:

  • You can only use your voucher on the official website of Tâmtu
  • The voucher code only works if the total order amount exceeds the value of the promo code
  • The voucher is non-refundable
  • The voucher cannot be replaced in case the order is (full or partially) returned

It’s also good to know that:

  • You can enter your code by clicking on ‘Enter your promo code’ in the shopping bag page and then click on ‘Apply’
  • You can only use one promo code per order (unless stated differently)
  • In case of returns, the promotion code value will be proportionally split across the returned items (if a partial order is returned)


What can I do if a sales promo code doesn't work?

The main reason for a promo code not applying to an item is that the item is on sale (or another promotion is running from which the promo code can be excluded).
Another reason could be that the promo code is expired, in which case it cannot be used or replaced. If you think there is another issue with your promo code, contact us so our customer service agent can take it from there.